Summit: Where Every Student is A. V.I.P.


At Summit, we focus on treating every student in our Summit Summer Olympics program with "A. V.I.P." service. The key ingredients that set us apart are:


Half of each day during the Summit Summer Olympics Program is spent in practical Math, Reading and Character classes. Counselors, who are college students, lead their teams of students to review concepts they learned during the school year and prepare them for academic success in the fall. On average, students at Summit improve by .5 grade levels in Math and Reading each semester they attend Summit, including the Summer.


Practical, virtue-based Character lessons include activities and discussions that focus on a different virtue every class. Lessons are complemented by daily goal-setting, which helps students acquire good habits and provide focus for their lives.

Individual Attention

Students meet with their Counselor each week for an individual advising session. Counselors focus on developing a friendship with each student on their team in order to get to know them, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and encourage them to set and reach goals. The friendship, incentives, and accountability they receive motivate each student to improve.

Parental Involvement

Summit hosts 4 parent seminars and meetings throughout the Summer program to help parents, as the primary educators of their children, to have a better understanding of how to help their children succeed. 

Nicole Heger