Broadening Horizons Through Career Speakers


Every Friday, different professionals from a variety of career fields come in to talk to the Summit students about their careers. Many of our students are inspired by these speakers to pursue a particular career in the future, and they all are motivated to work hard in school to one day follow their dreams.

Dr. Swietlik came this week to talk to the Boys' Program about his career as a physician. Many of the boys were impressed by his dedication to serve and help others as a pediatrician, as well as the many years and perseverance required to become a doctor. Dr. Swietlik also talked about how his passion for reading helped him get to where he is today; he encouraged and challenged the boys to read and to spend time being active outdoors every day.


Lisa Krueger, a Marketing Director for Ziploc International, shared her experience working in the international business world. She explained how Product, Place, Price and Promotion - the 4 Ps of Marketing - help her navigate her job. She showed the girls the different products they sell internationally, and even had a couple of commercials that were viewed in Argentina. Lisa had a fun interactive lesson for the girls, and showed them the kinds of things that she did on any given day. Some of the Summit Girls represented different countries and asked questions about the products, the places they could sell them, how to price them, and how they could promote the Ziploc bags. The girls had a lot of fun and learned a lot about business and marketing!

Nicole Heger