My Secret to Success (So Far) - Interview with Summit Alum Marisol Moreno


Marisol Moreno has been a part of Summit since 2007 when she joined the Summer Olympics Program. She graduated from Divine Savior Holy Angels High School this past spring, and is currently a Freshman at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, where she is planning on majoring in International Business and minoring in French.

How long have you been a part of Summit?

I first joined Summit as a camper in 2007, and served as a Junior Counselor throughout high school. Last summer was my first time as a Sports Coach in the program.

What is your favorite part about Summit?

My favorite part about Summit is the weekly field trips in the summer. They are so much fun for the campers as well as the counselors, and the field trips are different from "traditional" trips at school - what school take their kids to a gymnastics barn or fishing?!


What experiences at Summit have helped shaped who you are today?

I think that working with the counselors (university students) at Summit helped shape who I am and who I want to become. Being a first generation student, neither my parents nor I knew what to expect from high school and college since their schooling had taken place in another country. Having the counselors around was like having older sisters. They were old enough to be wiser, but young enough that I felt comfortable around them. They shared experiences and advice that I find still find useful today.

What was it like working as a Counselor for the first time this summer, instead of being a camper or JC?

At first, I thought that I would not be a good fit for the job because I felt too young to be a counselor. It seemed that I was too close in age with the other junior counselors, so I was afraid that their might be some sort of tension between us. It turned out to be a good change, and I ended up enjoying the new responsibilities.

What do you think that you have gained most from your time at Summit? How has it helped you to succeed on your path thus far?

I don't think I ever stopped being a camper at Summit because I was always learning, even if I didn't realize it. Working with kids definitely taught me to be more patient and understanding, but it also showed me to be more responsible in the example I set for others. This responsibility gradually encouraged me to think more about who I wanted to become. The JC character classes and discussions proved to be valuable lessons about relationships, educational goals and personal goals which helped me to shape my own morals and values. In short, Summit guided me during the infamous teen years so that I have been able to keep my "eyes on the prize." It's my secret to success!

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