The Read-A-Thon: 2014 Final Results!

Congratulations Summit Kids!!! 

Over the course of the 7-week Summit Summer Olympics Program, the 375 Summit students participated in the Read-A-Thon. Each Counselor tracked the number of pages that the students on their team read both at Summit during academic classes and from the books that they checked out and read at home.


Students were motivated by the incentives that Summit offered, including a trip to Six Flags for students who read 500 or more pages, a scholarship of 10¢ for every page after 500, a fun day of BBQ and boating for the Top 10 Readers, and a free plane ride for the Top 2 Boy and Girl Readers!

Read-A-Thon Page Count - Final:  228,446 Pages!

We beat our goal of 200,000 pages!

Average Pages Read per Student: 609 pages

Number of 500 Page Readers that went on the Six Flags trip:  224 Summit students


Six Flags Photo Highlights - Girls Program

Nicole Heger