Meet Summit Student Tammy Aguirre

Though Summit student Tammy Aguirre may only be going into fifth grade this fall, that certainly did not deter her from reading like a champion this summer, placing 1st among the younger teams and one of the top 10 readers overall with a total page count of 2,383 pages over the course of the Summer Olympics Program! She read a lot of new books this summer, but she says that her favorites have been Esperanza Rising, by Pam Ryan Munoz, and Petey, by Ben Mikaelsen.

According to her Counselor Ann, Tammy is a role model to the other girls on her team. Not only does she excel in Reading, but she also participates in all the the sports, no matter her skill level or the weather conditions. "Tammy is always out there trying her best and hustling. Her positive attitude and effort reflect the characteristics and virtues that are encouraged at Summit."

Listen to Tammy's interview below to learn what she loves about Summit:

Nicole Heger