Why Summit Kids Love Summer Reading (And You Should Too!)

Summer vacation means days at the beach, Brewers baseball, lemonade and...summer reading?! That's what it means for the Summit students in the Summer Olympics Program. With incentives like a trip to Six Flags and scholarship money, these students are eager to dive in and read as much as they can throughout their break.


The Read-A-Thon

Throughout the Summit Summer Olympics Program, students are invited to participate in the Read-A-Thon, a reading program in which their counselors track the number of pages that they read both at Summit and during their free time at home. Besides a daily 45 minute Reading class with their team, students are able to check out books from Summit's Read-A-Thon selection to read at home. After completing a book, students take a quiz with a counselor who is an expert on the book, and if they pass, the pages are tracked in a weekly reading log. At the end of the week, each counselor tabulates the total number of pages read by everyone on their team, both from class and from quizzed books. Teams compete with one another to read the most pages each week.

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Students are motivated to read by the incentives that Summit offers. Each student has a goal of reading at least 500 pages and winning a trip to Six Flags for the last field trip of the program. For every page that a student reads after 500, they receive a scholarship of 10¢ per page. Additionally, the top 10 readers win a fun day of boating, and the top 2 win a plane ride!

Last Summer's Results

  • Summit Kids read 195,925 pages during the 2013 7-week Summer Olympics Program. That's an average of 544 pages read by each student!

  • Over half of the 360 students read over 500 pages and won a trip to Six Flags!

  • Grade Level Equivalency tests showed that Summit students grew an average of .67 grade levels in Reading and .71 grade level in Math during the summer. (The National Average growth rate is .5 grade levels each semester in school).

Sponsor a Student Today!

Help Summit Kids Read 200,000 pages this Summer! Go here to find out more about sponsoring a student and helping them reach their reading goal this summer. Thank you for your support!

Nicole Heger