What it Means to Be a Junior Counselor at Summit: A Personal Testimony

Written by Teresa Serna, a 4-year Summit Junior Counselor Veteran. Teresa will be a senior at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School this fall. She likes soccer, reading and hanging out with her friends at Summit.

At Summit, being a JC (a.k.a. Junior Counselor) is nothing like being an ordinary assistant at a summer day camp. Here, a JC is a leader, a role model to the girls, a high school student who wants to enjoy her summer vacation, and a teenager who loves to spend her time surrounded by children instead of staying home in front of a screen all day. Being a part of the 24 high school girls who are JCs is the best way to spend the summer because we are just a group of girls who "respect one another and care for each other like a family. We all learn that the key to being a JC is patience" (Jessica Rodriguez, JC).

In order for the camp to run smoothly, JCs are called upon to pass out jerseys and books, distribute the lunches, clean the classrooms, assist counselors during academics, set up sports fields and other miscellaneous jobs. Aside from all of the hard work we put into the program, we must always remember to be the best example for the girls. We do this by showing patience, participating in academics and sports, and being optimistic and encouraging all the time. With all of the responsibilities we have, many may wonder why the JCs like to work at Summit during their summer vacation. Although the answers vary with each one of us, I can share a little bit of why I like coming back year after year.

For me, working at Summit allows me to enjoy my summer while helping others grow in academics, sports, and character. I know that by being a JC, I am making a difference. I love the opportunity that I have each summer to learn, teach, and add my grain of sand to Summit's incredible program. Saint Augustine once said: "Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others." I think most, if not all, of us high school students are grateful for the past opportunities we have had at Summit to have fun and grow in new ways. After all of our hard work during the school year, we receive each summer at Summit as a reward to spend with the friends that we have made here and feel that it is our turn to give back. Working as a JC is our opportunity to give back to Summit for all of the wonderful years we had as campers.

Lauren, a Junior Counselor, helps a girl on her team during reading class

Lauren, a Junior Counselor, helps a girl on her team during reading class

Overall, being a JC has taught me to develop skills like time management, responsibility, and leadership, and I am grateful for the opportunity that Summit has given me to learn these things. Most importantly, I have learned that it is more important to give than to receive. I think that that is what it means to be a JC: to put others before yourself, to work without complaining, to never stop giving, and "to feed off of the joy and smiles that the girls constantly give us" (Noemy Serna, JC).

- A Collaboration by the Summit JC Family :)

Nicole Heger