Week 1 Field Trip Recap

Wednesday is field trip day at Summit, and both the boys' and girls' programs were able to explore fun new places and relax with their friends, new and old.


The younger girls went to Whitnall Park, where they have a fun day playing Frisbee golf and volleyball and hiking around the Wehr Trail. The older girls also were active Wednesday while they visited the gymnastics barn. The girls had fun jumping into the foam pit, swinging from a rope onto a mattress, balancing on beams, jumping on the trampolines, and playing kickball and soccer.


The older boys visited Doctor's Park. After lunch, they went hiking on the beach, and the counselors taught the kids how to skip stones. They spent some time playing soccer before heading back to Pulaski. The younger boys went to Holy Hill, where the boys had a chance to go up the bell tower. Many of the boys were able to overcome their fear of heights to climb 178 steps to the top of the tower and see the awesome view from high. The Summit boys were so well-behaved that the counselors were even able to take them for a tour of the church! Afterward, they played capture the flag in nearby fields.

photo 2.JPG

After the program ended, the Junior Counselor (or JCs, as they are more commonly known) girls went on a field trip of their own to the downtown Milwaukee Public Library. The girls loaded up with books to read for the Read-A-Thon from a select list of college-ready books. How many high schoolers do you know that get excited about trips to the library like these Summit ladies?!

Nicole Heger