Summit Girls Learn the Value of Sportsmanship

Written by Summit Counselor Tatiana Rice. Tatiana is a junior at St. Norbert's College studying Business and Finance. This is her second summer at Summit.


In the beginning of the summer, it quickly became obvious to me that there was a lot of athletic talent on my team. We won most of the sports we played against all the other teams, which all of my girls absolutely loved. They would get so excited about winning, that they even seemed to convince themselves they won games they had actually lost!

One day after an intense Ultimate Frisbee game, another counselor turned to my team as they loudly announced their victory and told them that they weren't showing very good sportsmanship. It hadn't dawned on me until that moment that my girls were hurting the other team's feelings. I decided that it was time to talk about sportsmanship in our next Character class.


During Character class, I showed a short video on sportsmanship and we were all able to talk about how important it was to be a good sport - especially as the winning team. After our talk, the girls' attitudes changed right away. They still get excited when they win, but now they don't rub it in, and they say "good job!" to the teams we compete against. They have become a closer team because they are now more aware of their actions are and more kind to one another.

Nicole Heger