Meet Summit Student Nia Thompson

Written by Summit Counselor Katherine Crivello. Katherine is a Senior at Marquette University studying Education and Spanish. She has been a counselor at Summit for 4 years.

When Nia first started coming to Summit, she was going into the fifth grade and was one of only a few students from Messmer Prep School on the North Side. Now going into the eighth grade and already thinking about her future as a Junior Counselor next year, she has shown great improvement in both academics and character during her time here.


Though Nia struggled to make friends and get fully involved her first summer in the Summer Olympics Program, it seems that now all the girls are running to sit next to her at lunch and during field trips. She helps all the girls on her team get excited about the Read-A-Thon, and has shown a huge improvement in writing and math. Even when Nia finishes her own work during class, she is eager to help her peers work through their problems.

She has become a great leader in not only the classroom but the sports field as well. In a competitive game of soccer, you can hear her yell, "You're not ready for all this thunder!" She makes her teammates laugh and is a positive role model for all Summit campers.

Nia is hoping to continue her summers at Summit as a Junior Counselor in the high school program. She expects great things from her future, and is inspired by the different career speakers she hears each Friday. We at Summit expect great things from her too, as we watch her continue to grow in knowledge and confidence in the Summit Family.

Nicole Heger