How Athletics Teach Virtues Outside of the Classroom

Ask any Summit kid what their favorite part of the day is, and most likely, the answer will be sports.

We all know the obvious positive effects that are gained from physical activity: a healthy body, increased energy and endurance, and better concentration and moods. But beyond this, Summit students also learn virtues while playing sports, such as fair play, good sportsmanship, discipline, honesty, and friendship.

Here are some great ways that Athletics are helping to teach Summit kids virtues outside of the classroom:

  • Team Unity - Anybody who has ever played on a team knows about the unique bond that is formed between teammates that are all working towards the same cause and uplifting one another to reach their common goals. A camaraderie grows among the individuals on the team where none existed before, and lasting friendships are built.

  • Developing New Skills - Students are exposed to sports that they may not have had the opportunity to play before coming to Summit, such as tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, or dance (for the girls). Besides discovering new athletic talents, Summit kids gain confidence to try new things in the future.

  • Healthy Competition - The organized sports program encourages teams to compete with one another and for students to put forth their best efforts - both for themselves, and for the good of their team. All of the Summit students have reversible jerseys so that they may easily spot their teammates on the sports field. But, coaches also understand that this is not the varsity level, and they recognize that everyone has different abilities when it comes to athletics. They realize that every person contributes in different ways to the good of the team, and encourage each student to see this as well.

  • Balance Between Academics and Athletics - Unfortunately, many professional athletes in our society are poor role models for our youth. Many very gifted athletes are given celebrity status only to abuse their influence and send the wrong messages. At Summit, students learn that athletic talents need to be paired with academic achievement and a good character in order to achieve success.

Nicole Heger