Career Speakers

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By Francesca T. & Sammy R.

Having Career speakers every week is one of the many benefits of attending Summit. These speakers come every Friday and inform the girls about their careers, the education it took to get there, and any other aspects that are involved with their jobs.

Each career speaker exposes the girls to something new, with a different career path and experiences than the last. The basic points they all hit include their educational path, the pros and cons of working in their field, what makes the job different from others, and other things that the girls might be interested in asking.In the past we have had firefighters, a judge, teachers, engineers, and various professionals in the medical field, including nurses and physical therapists. This year we even had the Cimorelli sisters, an all-girls music group formed from a family of 6 sisters.

Aside from speakers that have already worked within their careers for some time, the junior counselors have also spoken with different college students. We recently went to Marquette University for a presentation by two computer science majors. This was helpful learning about their career and also about college life, courses and more. The two students were juniors working and studying with different robotics and coding programs. They talked about the many career fields they could go into post-graduation. They even informed us about programs they have hosted for girls interested in math and science. In the junior counselor program we receive character, reading, and writing classes. We have a wider variety of career speakers, including professors from various colleges at Marquette University.

Overall having career speakers is a part of Summit that makes a great difference in the girls’ lives by preparing them at a young age to start thinking about college and choosing a career path. Career speakers prove that by working hard anyone can achieve their dreams.


About the Authors:

Franky (left): Sophomore at Ronald Reagan High School, She was a camper for 4 years and a 2 junior counselor for two. She wants to be an international bilingual teacher.

Sammy (right): Sophomore at St. Anthony High School, This is Sammy’s first year at Summit. She wants to join the army and study nursing.

Matt Smyczek