Sponsor a Campaign

Summit programs for inner-city Milwaukee youth and their families would not be possible without your generous support. The campaigns listed show how your contribution will impact students directly.




Sponsor a Student

For a $1,500 per year, Summit is able to provide a 30 week one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to help guide them in the most formative years of their life.  Parents appreciate Summit’s support in helping them be the best primary educators possible. 

During the 8 week Summer program, university students assisted by high school students at Summit lead small groups of students through reading, math, and character classes for ½ day followed by ½ day of sports competitions and instruction, weekly field trips, and career speakers.  With this extra individual attention and encouragement, students can compete academically with all students in Wisconsin in just two years.



We're expanding!

Summit has been serving mostly students from Hispanic backgrounds on the south side of Milwaukee for 27 years.  With the encouragement and support of several business leaders, 2018 will start an expansion to help students who live on the north side from primarily African-American families, at Dineen Park. 

We intend to save money by utilizing the facilities that Milwaukee County Parks Department has to offer.  Costs will be roughly the same as at Kosciuszko Community Center, i.e., $1,500 per student per year, and Summit hopes to duplicate the satisfaction parents have expressed on the south side.




Encourage a student to read.

Summertime is a time for intellectual as well as physical growth. Because reading is so important and adolescence is such of a critical time for intellectual growth, Summit provides incentives in the form of monetary scholarships and a field trip to Six Flags to those who are able to complete tests on books over the summer.  In this way, many of the students use their off program time to devour as many books as possible.  Maybe that is why the average student’s grade level equivalence in reading improved over 0.6 years in reading last summer. 

On average, each student completed tests on over 600 pages of literature, and Summit rewarded this with almost $15,000 in incentives for 400 students.

High School College Bound Trips


Expand a high school student's horizons

Summit opens up new possibilities to high school students by helping them develop leadership skills in Junior Counselor positions during the summer, and introducing them to the possibilities of continuing education throughout the school year and summer. 

High School students who take advantage of this program are paid a stipend to be a role model for the grade school students in the summer, which costs $30,000 during the Summer for 60 positions.  In addition, students visit many local as well as distant schools for a nominal fee, costing Summit $10,000 per year for these trips by bus which have included Madison, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Washington DC in 2017.